ETR156 - Digital Circuits and Microprocessor Fundamentals


ETR156 - Digital Circuits and Microprocessor Fundamentals:
Introduces characteristics and applications of digital logic elements including gates, counters, registers, displays and pulse generators. Applies microprocessor theory and applications, including internal architecture of the micro- processor, interfacing, input/output, and memory.

Required Materials:
SEGGER J-Link EDU Mini - JTAG/SWD Debugger
Adafruit Feather M4 Express Microcontroller Board
Adafruit Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Ideal For Feathers - 3.7V 400mAh
Autodesk Eagle CAD
J-Link Commander
Arduino IDE
Adafruit Adalink Flash Tool
Course Video YouTube Playlist

1.16- Welcome!

Class will meet each Wednesday at 3:30 - 6:00 in the Butler Building. We will be using the lab space as our own educational facility. Please help build this community space and respect the tools and materials! We will review the syllabus and lay the groundwork for the semester.

Getting Started:
Use a pull-down resistor as our switch and input for the logic gate
Find the 7408 datasheet to locate the pinout of the IC
Build a simple AND-Gate using two inputs and an LED as the output using 5V as the power
Create two, two input AND Gates and two LEDs as the outputs
Combine two ICs to build two conditional AND Gates, where the output of is the input of another

Supplemental Materials
7408 Datasheet
LogiSIM Circuits from Class
Boolean Logic & Logic Gates - PBS
00: Introduction to LogiSIM
00-1: Adding Libraries to LogiSIM
LogiSIM Software
logi7400: LogiSIM 7400 IC Library - Stefan Rothe

For next class...
For an introduction to Boolean Logic and Gates, please check out this PBS Video. To help us build some context and draw circuits, we will use software to guide us through the digital design portion of class. It will help us layout our logic and even simulate it before building a breadboard.
Download and install LogiSIM if you can
Please watch the LogiSIM video and recreate the circuit we did in class
As a bonus, try to upload the LogiSIM 7400 Library and create a similar circuit as in the video with 2 outputs

1.23- Gates & LogiSIM

We are going to look at AND, OR, NOR, and NAND gates, truth tables, and manipulating them in LogiSIM. Lay things out in LogiSIM, then breadboard your experiments using a pushbutton as an input and an LED as an output.

Getting Started:
Take your turn at building a NAND gate, using an AND and a NOT, a 7408 and 7404
Try using a NAND gate as well using the 7400 IC chip
Build a NOR gate and simulate in LogiSIM using the provided IC chips
Using only NAND gates, build an AND and an OR gate

Supplemental Materials:
7400 Datasheet
7404 Datasheet
LogiSIM Circuits from Class (.circ)
List of 74XX Series ICs - Wikipedia

1.30- Combinational Logic

We will review the previous class, discuss NAND gates and their diversity and usefullness,build a basic understanding of digital (binary) adders, and build a half and full adder.

Getting Started:
Watch the following video to introduce binary numbers
As a class, we will review our preivous projects and have some time to finish last week
We will build a binary adder using new IC chips, including an XOR 7400 series IC
We will draw these out in LogiSIM and play with Eagle to start doing schematics

Supplemental Materials:
Representing Numbers in Binary - PBS
LogiSIM Circuits from Class (.circ)
Eagle Schematic - .sch
Eagle Schematic - .png

2.06 - Sequential Logic

We are going to use this class to review, catch up everyone, and make sure that we can use some of the EDA tools available. We will be downloading a program called Eagle. There are a lot of resources and we will get started making small schematics and circuit boards!

Getting Started:
Spend some time finishing the previous class assignments. Make sure that you at least have a half adder. If you are feeling up to it... try to figure out how to make a full adder!
Use this time to document some of the things you are doing. Make sure you have taken pictures and screenshots for yourself!
Download and install Eagle on the desktop or your own computer. If you have not made an educational account with Autodesk, please do so!
Use Eagle to build the previous class schematics and add libraries...

Supplemental Materials:
Eagle - Autodesk
Eagle 64-Bit Linux Download
Eagle Component Library - Sparkfun
How to Install Libraries in Eagle - Autodesk

2.13 - Lab, Project, and Design

Getting Started:
Finish your half-adder, design in LogiSIM, schematic in Eagle, and breadboard
Build a full-adder, design in LogiSIM, schematic in Eagle, and breadboard
Optionally, build a subtractor, design in LogiSIM, schematic in Eagle, and breadboard
Begin building out the schematic for our first microcontroller for PCB design, create a bill of materials (BOM)

Supplemental Materials:
02: Getting Started with Eagle
Arduino Uno Rev3 Schematic - .pdf
Build a Standalone Arduino on a Breadboard -
Binary: Plusses & Minuses - Computerphile

2.20 - Snow Day!

Class cancelled because of the weather. See you next week!

2.27 - Intro to Microcontrollers

Getting Started:
Complete any previous labs using the logic IC chips
Begin working through a breadboard example of the schematic for the development board using an ATMEGA 328 microcontroller

Supplemental Materials:
Arduino Basic Schematic - .jpg

3.06 - PCB Microcontrollers

Getting Started:
We are going to review parts of the microcontroller and talk about the final projects for the semester.
At this point the schematic for your development board should be complete.

Supplemental Materials:
Arduino Basic Schematic - .png
Arduino Basic Schematic - .sch
LORA WAN Project Code - Client & Server
LORA WAN Project - Client Wiring - .png
MCP9808 Temp/Hum Sensor Module Guide - Adafruit
Adafruit MCP9808 Library - .zip
SparkFun DRU - .dru

3.20 - More Microcontrollers

Getting Started:
To setup the LoRa WAN project boards, you will need to add the URL to the boards manager:
and then select the Arduino SAMD M0 Boards from the Boards Manager. You will then add Adafruit SAMD M0.

Supplemental Materials:
LoRa WAN Project Firmware & Libraries
Bosch BME280 Datasheet - .pdf

4.10 - RF & PCBS

Final Resources:
Updated Firmware for RF95 Feather M0 - .zip