SAF130 - Industrial Safety


SAF130 - Industrial Safety:
Presents an introduction to occupational health and safety and its application in the workplace. Emphasizes safety standards and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), its rules and regulations (OSHA 10).

OSHA 10 - General Industry Presentations
OSHA 10 - General Industry (Dept of Labor)

8.19 - Welcome!

Today served as an overview for our topics to discuss OSHA Safety Regulations and Standards. We will meet next week to discuss our schedule and choose topics for our mini projects. Please refer to the syllabus and the above links to look at some of the General Industry topics before next class to get an idea of what we are in for...

Getting Started:
We will review the syllabus and get to know each other!

Supplemental Materials:
OSHA Website

For next class...
Make sure to fill out the photo release form and submit via this form:
PVCC Photo Release Form
Photo Release Form Submission

8.28 - Overview and Topics

We are going to do a short overview of all the topics in class and go over the class structure and major assignments.

Getting Started:
Make sure you review the syllabus and pick topics for the semester! We are going to choose our Optional and Elective topics.

Supplemental Materials:
Topic Requirements
OSHA Presentation Resources
Topics for Class Assignments
OSHA Case Studies
OSHA News Releases
EHS Today
Safety & Health

For next class...
Select your topic for your article and presentation. Use the forms to select your top options.

9.04 - Beginning our OSHA Journey

Getting Started:
Review your topic selected for the 2 major assignments. Find your counterpart if you can! We will go over the agenda and expectations for the class.

Supplemental Materials:
Fall 2019 Agenda - OSHA 10
Fall 2019 Topics Selected

9.11 - Introduction to OSHA
We are covering our first topic for our OSHA training. We will go over some basics, history, relevance, purpose and impact of OSHA on industry employees/employers.

Supplemental Materials:
OSHA Poster
PPE Handout for Employers
Whistleblower Fact Sheet
OSHA Help Overview

Next week's topic is Walking and Working Surfaces!

9.18 - Walking & Working Surfaces
This week we covered Walking & Working Surfaces including Fall Protection!

Supplemental Materials:
Walking & Working Surfaces - .ppt
Professional Plywood Carrier Video
Ladder Walking Video

Next week is Exit Routes etc...

9.25 - Exit Routes, etc.
This week we covered Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention and Protection!

Supplemental Materials:
Exit Routes, etc. - .pptx
EAP Tools

Next week is Electrical etc...

10.2 - Electrical
This week we will cover Electrical Safety and Hazard Prevention!

Supplemental Materials:
Electrical - .pptx

Next week is PPE!

10.9 - Personal Protective Equipment
This week we will cover Personal Protective Equipment!

Supplemental Materials:
PPE - .pptx

Next week is HazCom!

10.16 - Hazard Communication
This week we will cover Hazard Communication!

Supplemental Materials:
HazComm - .pptx

Next week is Machine Guarding!

10.30 - Machine Guarding
This week we will cover Machine Guarding!

Supplemental Materials:
Machine Guarding - .pptx

Next week is Bloodborne Pathogens!

11.06 - Bloodborne Pathogens
This week we will cover Bloodborne Pathogens!

Supplemental Materials:
Bloodborne Pathogens - .pptx

Next week is Ergonomics!

11.13 - Ergonomics
This week we will cover Ergonomics!

Supplemental Materials:
Ergonomics - .pptx

Next week is Fall Protection!

11.20 - Fall Protection
This week we will cover Fall Protection!

Supplemental Materials:
Fall Protection - .pptx

You made it!

12.04 - Final Projects
This week we will present our topics as outlined in the guidelines. Make sure you stick to 4 minutes and allow the group to respond! Please submit your two assignments in Canvas to grade - links below.

Supplemental Materials:
Fall 2019 Topics Selected
Topic Requirements
Presentation and Article Submission - DUE 12/7