IND103 - Industrial Methods


IND103 - Industrial Methods:
Covers theoretical knowledge necessary for familiarization with common hand tools, common power tools, measuring tools and techniques, fastening components and procedures, grinding operations, metal cutting operations, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Required Materials:
Full Frame Safety Glasses
Digital Caliper .0005" Resolution
Machinery's Handbook, 5th ed.

8.22 - Welcome!

We spent the class looking at all the tools we are going to learn this coming semester. We took a tour of the spaces available to us and what projects we will develop as a result of this course. Make sure that you pick up a decent caliper and have your own safety glasses. We will jump right in next class.

For next class:
Photo/Media Release
Safety Guidelines
Safety Guideline Agreement

8.29 - 2D Intro

Today we looked at calipers and how to properly measure a variety of possible dimensions using the features of a basic caliper. These will come in handy as we progress through the semester. We looked at the basics of Inkscape and how to setup a template for the laser cutter. We then built a box using our template and talked about how it might be cut properly on the cutter, utilizing the material thickness for our nominal dimensions. Next class we will design and laser cut a tool holder or organizational device.

Johnson Digital Caliper - Manual
Intro to Inkscape for Laser Cutting - Pt. 1
Intro to Inkscape for Laser Cutting - Pt. 2
Solder Roll Holder
5mm Stock Inkscape Template
.2in Stock Inkscape Template

9.05 - Laser Cutter

Today we split up into two groups to look at the function and maintenance of the laser cutter in class. We worked on designing our previous class tool organizational holder from .2"/5mm wood stock. We will have some time to work on this, but you should also find time to utilize lab hours and class to help make this a success. We will work on the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) next class! You should have your parts laser cut from the previous class by the end of the next class on 9.12.

Universal Software and Driver Downloads
Universal VLS User Guide
Universal VLS Service Manual

9.12 - Project Time #1

This class was devoted to working on finishing your Inkscape design and setting it up for the laser cutter. We went over any issues with the software and built our 3D tool holders. You were asked to create an education account on Autodesk. We will be diving into Fusion 360 next class.
Autodesk Education Account Information
Autodesk Fusion 360 Education Download

9.19 - Intro to CAD

We spent the class working in 3D using Fusion 360. We built a simple block, setup our workspace, and looked at 3D extrusion. We will use this extensively to develop solid models and work in machining.

NYCNC - Youtube Channel
Mechanical Advantage - Youtube Channel
Lars Christensen - Youtube Channel

9.26 - Constraining CAD

Today we worked on creating constraints on our sketches and making multiple features for parameterized control of our models. We created a simple gear shape in class. Our next job is to help create a 3D printed model of the cutting guides for the culinary program. We will 3D print finalized models and share them with other students! Make sure you finish your tool holders on the laser cutter and begin your CAD work.

Fusion 360 Quick Intro - NYC CNC
Fusion 360 Sketching Tips - Mechanical Advantage

10.03 - Project Time #2

This class is devoted to finishing your laser cut tool holder and working through the cutting block diagram for culinary arts. We will 3D print these. Focus on making one sketch and creating multiple features (extrusions). We will go over 3D printing next class!

10.10 - 3D Printers

Our discussion encompassed the Stratasys Dimension 3D printer. We talked mostly about FDM (fused-deposition modeling) 3D printers and their affordances and drawbacks. We will use this printer to create our cutting blocks and any other projects you would like! The rest of the class we spent working on our CAD models.

Dimension Elite - User Manual

10.24 - CAM

We discussed an introduction to the CAM portion in Fusion360 using a simple part that would take 3 operations to complete on the 3-axis CNC Milling Machine.

CAM Test - Fusion 360 (.f3d)

10.31 - Halloween CNC

We created a simple CNC application using SVG shapes and simple toolpaths using the Carbide Nomad 833 CNC. We cut out parts and designs out of 2 x 8 (1.5" x 7.5") Pine Stock.

Carbide Create Installer .exe
Carbide Motion Installer .exe
Carbide Nomad 833

11.28 - Metal Lathe

Today we are going to go over the Metal lathe. You must submit your three project design files, a picture of the completed project, zipped to me by the end of next week! We will meet in the shop space to start class and go right into welding. Please wear the appropriate clothing for temperature and welding!

How to Run a Lathe - South Bend
Essential Machining Skills - Metal Lathe pt.1 - MIT
PM-1030 Metal Lathe - User Manual

Final Assignments: please archive these altogether and send me one file (.zip, .rar, .tar...)
Tool Holder - SVG & Picture of Final Project Assembled
Culinary Cutting Guide STL & Picture of 3D Printed Part OR Screenshot in Fusion360
CNC Wood Carving NC File & Picture of Finalized Wood Carvin OR Screenshot in Carbie Create