IND113 - Materials & Processes in Manufacturing


IND113 - Materials & Processes in Manufacturing:
Studies materials and processes for the manufacture of products. Investigates the nature of various materials. Examines the manufacturing processes of industry and their effects on materials.

Required Materials:
Making It - Chris Lefteri
Full Frame Safety Glasses
Digital Caliper .0005" Resolution
Optional Materials:
Materials for Design - Chris Lefteri
SolidWorks 2019

1.14 - Welcome!


Getting Started:
Introductions, syllabus, and paper airplanes. What else do you need?

Supplemental Materials
Paper Airplane Cells Activity

For next class...
Read "Making It" - Chris Lefteri, pg 1-49 (through Oxyacetylene Cutting)
Create a Masu Box using Origami folding techniques. The physical dimensions of the box are up to you. You are welcome to cut a sheet of normal sized paper for this activity into a square or purchase origami paper. Your goal is to create a simple box with a lid. Practice your technique a few times until you feel confident in your ability to create the Masu Box. Once you feel like you are ready, time yourself and see how fast you can make the best possible box. We will compare times and boxes in class next week! We will be judging the boxes based on size, durability, speed of production and quality! Feel free to check out the myriad of resources on YouTube and all over to help build your technique. Below is a basic box with a lid option.
How to Fold a Masu Box - Peter Saydak
Masu Box Submission
Make sure to fill out the photo release form and submit via this form:
PVCC Photo Release Form
Photo Release Form Submission
Make sure to fill out the safety contract and submit via this form:
IET Safety Contract Form
Safety Contract Form Submission

1.21 - Manufacturing Intro!

Today we will design a product for a product! We will look at flatpack designs and begin our adventure into 2D materials.

Getting Started:
We will review the safety contract and boxes! We will compare speeds and see how everyone's differed. We will also talk a bit about documenting everything in the class as we work towards creating products for industry!

Supplemental Materials
Applying the Principles of Lean Manufacturing to Engineering - Kyle Maxey
What Lean Looks Like - Preston McCreary
Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It?
Intro to Product Design Project
VLS Laser Cutter Manual
Laser Cutter Design Guide

For next class...
Read "Making It" - Chris Lefteri, finish Ch 2.
Contact your group to make sure that you are ready to share your design, manufacturing process, instruction set and testing procedures. You will share your marketing pitch and product prototype. We will review these in class! Make sure you read/reference the above three articles to complete your shipping box product.
Next week we will work on laser cutting and flatpack design. We will also automate some CAD processes for this!
Make sure you get some practice in with Illustrator to create simple designs. Reference the laser cutter design guide above if needed.

1.28 - Flat Stock and Manufacturing 3D

We will present our flatpack box designs including the prototype, marketing, process control, and manufacturing integration. We will look at a full manufacturing product that fits needs of lab space.

Getting Started:
Pepare your presentation with your group!

Supplemental Materials
MakerCase Box Design
MakerCase Example Settings
Class Discussion for Nuts & Bolts Organization
In-class Box Design Example - .ai
Machine Screw Bin Guidelines - .pdf
MakerCase -> Illustrator -> Laser Cutter

For next class...
Refer to the guidelines for the machine screw bin project. Use the discussion to split of screw types and styles and then meet with your partner to create a working prototype. Bring the prototype to class next week so that we can finish these boxes quickly.

2.04 - Bin Production

We will review our prototypes, agree on 3-4 box sizes, standardize and implement a process for manufacturing the total boxes next class.

Getting Started:
Make sure to have your prototype ready to share and describe your design decisions.
Prepare to develop a simple knob in SolidWorks that will be 3D printed.

Supplemental Materials
SolidWorks 2019
Box Manufcturing Plans from Class - .pdf

For next class...
Develop the manufacturing process, prepare stock material for cutting.
Cut out all your designated boxes before next class!
Have your 3 checking tools ready for the manufacturing run.
We will agree on some knob designs in class.
Material will be available starting on Thursday!

2.11 - Lean Bins & 3D Printing

We will build all the boxes and look at 3D printing as additive manufacturing!

Getting Started:
List the 7 steps for lean manufacturing as you develop your box manufacturing plan!
Lay out and check all of your pieces and QA tools while determining your roles.

Supplemental Materials
#10-24 Bolt Dimensions Drawing
Knob Design in Solidworks - Video
Class Discussion for Box Holder!

For next class...
Design your knob for your drawers!
Have the next group box manufacturing run ready.
Develop a plan for the box case/holder and post on the discussion.
Please submit your final box design (.ai, .pdf, .svg, .dxf etc) here: Box Design Submission
Read Chapter 3 in "Making It" - Chris Lefteri.

2.18 - 3D Printing

We will learn how to use the 3D printers on campus and build our knobs for next class. We will talk about additive manufacturing specifically how 3D printers work.

Getting Started:
Pull up your knob design so we can prepare it for 3D Printing. We will create an STL file for production!

Supplemental Materials
Lab 3D Printer Queue
Stratasys F123 Series User Guide
Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printer Operation and Maintenance
Grizzly G0555 Band Saw Manual
Delta 18-900 Drill Press Manual

For next class...
Have your knobs for class printed and ready to be placed on all the boxes.
We will be going to Emerson next week for class. I will send out more detailed information.

2.25 - Industry Visit
We will be meeting at Emerson today to work on our semester project. Please watch for directions and email!

For next class...
Make sure every knob for all boxes are printed!
Come up with 7 ways to solve the problem from class. I will post a discussion for the class to post pics and information.
Class Discussion for Semester Project!


This course will be continued in an online format through Canvas: HERE