ETR203 - Electronic Devices


ETR203 - Electronic Devices:
Studies active devices and circuits such as diodes, power supplies, transistors, amplifiers and others. Prerequisite: Knowledge of D.C./A.C. theory.

Required Materials:
Analog Discovery 2
Practical Electronics for Inventors - Paul Scherz & Simon Monk Optional Materials:
Autodesk Eagle
Digilent Waveforms Resources:

Week 1 - Welcome!

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Getting Started:
Please introduce yourself in the discussion! We would like to build a community of learners for this class! Please watch the introduction video to the course. ...

Supplemental Materials

Lab 1
Watch the Wired Documentary on Shenzhen. Provide a response to the discussion and respond to 2 other people's comments to receive full credit! We are beginning our overview of the Shenzhen Documentary - Wired