CAD151-Engineering Drawing Fundamentals


CAD151 - Engineering Drawing Fundamentals:
Introduces technical drafting from the fundamentals through advanced drafting practices. Includes lettering, geometric construction, technical sketching, orthographic projection, sections, intersections, development, fasteners. Teaches theory and application of dimensioning and tolerances, pictorial drawing, and preparation of drawings.

Required Materials:
Parametric Modeling w SolidWorks 2019 - Paul Schilling & Randy Shih
3-Button Optical Mouse - Monoprice
SolidWorks 2019

2.3 - Welcome!


Getting Started:
Introductions, syllabus, and CAD. Woohoo!

Supplemental Materials:
Parametric Modeling with SolidWorks - Chapter 2 - Shih
01 SOLIDWORKS 2019 Overview Video
02 SOLIDWORKS 2019 Z Up Template Video

For next class...
Read Chapter 2 from Parametric Modeling - Shih.
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PVCC Photo Release Form
Photo Release Form Submission
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IET Safety Contract Form
Safety Contract Form Submission

2.10 - Modeling Fundamentals

We are going to focus on the basics of the Solidworks workspace and creating a simple part.

Getting Started:
Questions from last class? Help for downloading on own computer? Reading? We will go over our portfolios for class today.

Supplemental Materials:
03 SOLIDWORKS 2019 Chapter 2 Basic Fundamentals Video

For next class...
Complete excercises 1-6 on pages 2-33.
Create your portfolio and include the classwork from this week and these excercises.