ETR113 - AC&DC Fundamentals


ETR113 - AC&DC Fundamentals
Studies D.C. and A.C. circuits, basic electrical components, instruments, network theorems, and techniques used to predict, analyze and measure electrical quantities.

Required Materials:
The Art of Electronics - Horowitz & Hill
Getting Started in Electronics - Mims
Amprobe 510 Multimeter
Autodesk Eagle
Getting Started in Electronics - Forrest Mims III
The Art of Electronics - Horowitz & Hill

9.9 - Welcome!

Welcome to ETR113! We will introduce the class concepts, review the syllabus, and build our first circuit!

Getting Started:
Create a simple schematic on paper or draw on computer. What are the components? What do you think they do?
Using a breadboard, try to build your circuit using the power supply and 6V. See how it matches your schematic.
From here, try to build your schematic in Eagle. Do it match your initial design?
What was needed to make this successful? What worked and what didn't?

Supplemental Materials:
PVCC Photo Release Form
Soldering Comic - MightyOhm
Breadboard Intro - Sparkfun
Series LED Class Example - Eagle .sch
LED, Resistor, Power Symbols Library
Series LED Class Example Schematic
01-Introduction to EAGLE Video

For next class...
Make sure you finish your schematic from class!
Create an Autodesk Educational Account if you have not done so already. This will be used to log in to Eagle to build, simulate and fabricate our circuits.
Make sure to fill out the photo release form and submit via this form: Photo Release Form Submission